The Dos And Don’ts of Tattoo Aftercare

The Dos And Don’ts of Tattoo Aftercare

There are many rules to tattoo aftercare that your artist will inform you of.
The number 1 piece of aftercare instruction they will give you is to not submerge your tattoo in water after getting it done. So that means no baths, no swimming pools, no hot tub soaks,. And yes, for all of you confused people, that does mean you can shower. You just can’t soak your tattoo or the ink could come out of it. For those of you new to aftercare (or maybe even if you have previous experience in caring for a tattoo) here are some dos and don’ts!

Tattoo Aftercare Dos

Let’s start with the most obvious one: keep your tattoo clean! When you first unwrap your tattoo, wash it with warm water and unscented soap. Make sure there’s no dust or hair sticking to your tattoo. Make sure you aren’t scrubbing your tattoo during this time. In addition, if you work any sort of job where there is dust, oil, lots of sweat, etc., you will need to clean your tattoo more often than someone who does not work a job like this.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! If you can feel your tattoo start to dry out, put some lotion on it! Make sure that the lotion is also unscented as scents can irritate the skin. Think of your tattoo as an open wound. Would you want anything perfumed in there? Probably not!

If you’re getting a tattoo during the nicer months and plan to show it off, we have one word for you: sunblock. If you plan to be outside for longer than a few minutes, make sure your tattoo has a layer of sunblock. Not only will the sun make your tattoo appear faded, but a sun burn on a fresh tattoo? Ouch!

Tattoo Aftercare Don’ts

For the love of all the tattoo gods, do not scratch or pick at your tattoo! Again, remember that it is a fresh wound! Not only could you quite literally rip out pieces of your tattoo, scratching or picking at it makes your body have to work harder to heal that open wound. If you are feeling itchy, use some lotion to calm it down. Again: do not scratch or pick your tattoo.

Vaseline and petroleum jelly are big no-nos. You may think you’re moisturizing your tattoo with using it, but in fact, you are suffocating your tattoo. These two products are non-porous, which means that it creates an airlock around the area you have it. If oxygen cannot reach your tattoo, the time it requires to heal greatly increases.

Especially during the healing process, try to wear loose, light clothing. Make sure you aren’t suffocating your tattoo. But also, during the healing process, tattoos can stick to things. Ever take off your pants and piece of tattoo goes with it? Yeah, not the greatest thing to happen to a new tattoo.

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