TattooHow To Get the Tattoo You Want

How To Get the Tattoo You Want

When deciding on the design of your tattoo, you may be apprehensive about how your artist interprets your ideas. So how can you ensure your artist’s design comes out how you want it? Below are some tips to help make sure you can communicate your idea effectively to your artist so that your tattoo is one you are sure to love!

Research Your Artist

Look up your artist on their social media pages and their website. Have they done tattoos previously in the style you’re looking for? You may be looking to go to your favorite artist again. Still, if they aren’t versed in the technique you’re wanting, it may be in your best interest to seek another artist out. Not all artists post everything on their pages, so feel free to reach out and ask them if they have any previous work in your preferred style they can show you.

Bring Reference Photos

The best way to communicate an idea for a visual piece of art is to show a photo of what you’re looking for. Two or three photos are a good amount to show your artist the style of art you’re looking for. If you have a couple of reference pictures that you like the style of, you can show your artist so they can have a better understanding of what you’re looking for.

Be Open to Creative Direction

Your tattoo artist won’t recreate a tattoo from a reference photo exactly. These are artists, so you need to be open to their ideas and interpretations. This tattoo is a piece of art, and your artist will be doing their take on it. So be open to their ideas and creative direction. They want the work to be something both of you can be proud of, so your artist has your best interests in mind.

Be Honest

If your artist presents you with a sketch that you don’t like, be upfront with them. This tattoo is something you will have on your body forever, so make sure if it’s not something you want, you let them know. Remember that multiple finicky edits are time-consuming, and your artist’s time is valuable. If you have changes to make, be sure to communicate them all at once. Provide as many helpful details to your artist as you can so they can perfectly match the design with your vision.

No matter the tattoo style or design, communication is key! The clearer your communication is, the easier it will be for your artist to create a work of art that you will absolutely love.

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